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Your sales MESSAGE is critical to your sales OUTCOMES...Learn how to transform it through our world-class E-learning platform.

Companies struggle to tell their story effectively, and now more than ever, it’s critical to get your message right, especially if you’ve been forced to pivot to the newly enforced “Virtual Selling” environment.

The Oratium messaging model is a battle-tested methodology that transforms sales conversations, and more importantly, sales outcomes.  Whether you’re in financial services, healthcare, high-tech or industrial solutions, the model is equally effective. 

Learning to apply our model is a straightforward process, and while we look forward to the day live training options become available again, we're delighted to offer our curriculum in sales message design and delivery via this two-part state of the art 

e-learning course.

Course Overview: Mastery of Messaging

One single experience; two courses.

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Course Part One: Foundations of Sales Message Design

Course Part One Overview

Sales Messaging Design Course Sample

This course equips you to design sales messaging that is clear, crisp and able to drive the customer to action – not only in a live sales environment, but also in the virtual sales conversation so many of us now find ourselves confined to.

In 10 compelling lessons, Oratium CEO Tim Pollard teaches the principles of effective message design through an easy to implement process. All of the learning material is supported by a 45-page workbook included with the course. 

Key learning elements include how to anchor your solution in the customer problem, how to communicate your value proposition through a "small number of big ideas" and how to support your ideas in a powerful and "brain-sticky" way.

Course Part Two: Foundations of Sales Message Delivery

Course Part Two Overview

Sales Messaging Delivery Course Sample

Even when you have an outstanding sales message, you won't necessarily have an outstanding sales meeting.

In this course on sales message delivery Tim Pollard will demonstrate how to execute your sales meeting exactly to plan.

Through eight dynamic video lessons, this course will demonstrate how to execute your sales meeting exactly to plan, including:

- Communication mechanics

- The importance of rehearsal to both find and cement the precise articulation of your value proposition

- Managing audience/customer dynamics

- The creation of trust and deeper relationships with the customer through heightened language and your personal style.

This course is ideal for training both new and experienced members of your sales force in effective message delivery. 

This Two-Part Course Features

Real-World Teaching

Real world examples to help salespersons understand exactly how to apply this content with their customers.  Actual client testimonials are included throughout the curriculum.

Engaging Video Teaching

Short and practical video lessons designed to hold the attention of a busy salesperson.  Animations, Interviews, Light-board Technology and software tutorials are all included.

Printed Reference Guide

You'll receive a printed reference guide, shipped to your office or front door.  Over 90 pages of course material included, allowing learners to easily follow along and apply the content.

Start Transforming Your Sales Messages, Today.

Corporate Pricing/Volume Discounts Available

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