The way we communicate has pivoted to VIRTUAL...Can your message thrive in this new medium?

The Problem With the 'Pivot to Virtual'

Almost overnight, the world of communication was turned upside down as all live meetings pivoted to virtual. Suddenly, virtual meetings, which most organizations were already struggling with, became the only option available to connect with audiences. This rapidly began to expose those who weren’t able to adapt, and within a matter of weeks it became clear that those who master the new medium will outperform those that don’t.

For most of us the big question is: Is it realistic to think that our messages can survive in this new world?

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The good news is yes, the Oratium methodology will equip you to not only survive, but thrive in this virtual environment

Decks are toxic to any presentation, but absolute poison in a virtual environment.  You've got to rethink your messaging methodology.

Communicating in the virtual environment isn’t about getting to decks with somewhat fewer, slightly better slides. That completely misses the real issue. 

Virtual messaging requires completely rethinking how we articulate our value proposition and connect it to our audiences’ problems in a socially constrained environment. We need to build crisp, compelling messaging that is vibrant and compelling, even in the ‘flat’, socially disconnected world of video-calls.

Complicated decks are the chloroform of the virtual meeting

Communication is a social process; how do you make it work in an asocial environment?

Perhaps most important, the skills needed to overperform in the virtual environment aren’t needed only until we “get back to normal”, because we aren’t going back to that normal. The virus didn’t create a new future for communication, it merely accelerated the future that was already coming. The virus will pass, but this change is here to stay.

This Course Features

Real-World Examples

To help people understand exactly how to apply this content with their customers.

Engaging Video Teaching

Short and practical video lessons designed to hold the attention of a busy person.  Animations, Interviews, Light-board Technology and software tutorials are all included.

Printed Reference Guide

You'll receive a printed reference guide, shipped to your front door.  Over 50 pages of course material included, allowing learners to easily follow along and apply the content.

Table of Contents

Module 0: Course Introduction

Module 1: The Problem in View

Module 2: A Vision of the Future

Module 3: Completing the Message Profile

Module 4: Anchoring in the Customer Problem

Module 5: Developing Your Value Proposition

Module 6: Creating "Whole-Brain" Engagement

Module 7: Building Your Message in MAST

Module 8: Finalizing Materials and Rehearsing

Module 9: Creating an Interactive Experience

Module 10: Establishing a Powerful Presence

Bonus Module: As Seen in the Wild

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