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Advanced Communication Design is Oratium's core e-learning offering for general communications (i.e., non-sales communications). This study will equip anyone to design crisp, compelling communication for a wide variety of settings, including executive communications, internal and external corporate communications, donor and non-profit messaging, or personal communication. Oratium President Tim Pollard leads a series of 10 modules of 25-30 minutes each, using a combination of dynamic teaching, interactive exercises and a final case study demonstration of the Oratium message-building model in action. Perfect for anyone who desires to become a compelling and effective communicator.


Selling is hard; and selling in a virtual environment is even harder. The good news is that Oratium's proven principles and process will help any salesperson to become highly skilled in both the design and delivery of compelling sales messaging for any setting, but this learning experience is especially valuable and timely because it integrates Oratium's core IP with the unique skills needed to win in the virtual environment. Over 10 quick and engaging modules, veteran seller Tim Pollard (author of The Compelling Communicator) provides detailed practical guidance on designing and delivering sales messaging that will outshine the competition in a virtual selling environment. Well-suited for anyone who desires to be effective in the challenging world of virtual selling.

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